Winter Weather Update 1/6/17 08:30 a.m.

  • Winter Storm warning has been issued starting at 7pm this evening through Saturday.
  • We are expecting between 6 – 9 inches of snow in the Guilford County area.  Some areas could get slightly more.
  • We may see some sprinkles or snowflakes starting around 3:00pm but it should be light.  Temps will still be around 38 so we are not anticipating any major transportation issues that early.
  • As the sun goes down and temps drop, freezing will begin to occur.  We expect that travel will be significantly impacted by 7 p.m. if not earlier if a snow band comes in stronger than forecast.
  • The other concern is brutal temps on Sunday into Monday.  Sunday night into Monday lows will be in the single digits with highs on Monday in the 20s.  We will not get above freezing until late in the day on Tuesday. Check on family and friends, especially those that may have special needs, before and during the cold.
  • Remember outdoor animals during the cold and ensure they have shelter and access to food and a water source that isn’t frozen.
  • Visit our Winter Weather Prep Page for more information to prepare before the storm.

Snowy Image