Yellow Dot Program

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office along with other Guilford county Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Agencies is adopting a modified version of the Yellow Dot program for implementation within our County. The original Yellow Dot program was started in Connecticut in 2002 and later adopted in Alabama who promoted it further. Sheriff Barnes, after learning of the program from Steve Zimmerman of Greensboro Fire, decided to implement the program for Guilford County and ask other Emergency Services to join in and assist.

The program consist of a yellow dot that would be placed on the back left window of a motor vehicle and/or on the front door of a residence. The applicant then completes a document containing emergency information along with a photograph of the person of which the history is about. After completion the citizen would then place a copy of the Emergency Information Sheet, of which they have completed inside the glove compartment and/or on the refrigerator within the residence. The yellow dot identifies that the information is available to First Responders and the common designated locations allows them to know where to retrieve the vital medical information.

This information allows First Responders to know how to handle a patient that may have a certain medical condition(s) and what medications the patient may be prescribed. Often times when the patient does not have a family member present this information is unknown. Even patients involved in minor motor vehicle accidents in which the air bag has been deployed are stunned and cannot recall vital medical information for the emergency personnel.

This program is also going one step further by allowing patients suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism and Cognitive impairments to return a copy of the Information to the Sheriff’s Office and we will add this information to the Metro 911 Centers data banks. This will allow dispatchers to notify first responders of such situations as they are being dispatched to a residence.

With this information being available to first responders it allows them to assist people in automobile accidents or those that may have an at home injury or an illness when time is of the essence. This often is referred to as the “Golden Hour of Emergency Care”.

Citizens requesting the Yellow Dot Packages should contact their local law enforcement agency.